Top Biomedical Nonprofit Organizations in Orange County

University Lab Partners / Top Biomedical Nonprofit Organizations in Orange County

Orange County is among the top locations in the world for biomedical research and science. Because of the popularity of this location in the biomedical industry, there are many biomedical nonprofit organizations that help to support the wider industry. These organizations offer an array of different services that extend from providing wet lab incubators for biomedical startups to conducting extensive research on cancer medications.

The Biomedical research provided by these organizations aims to understand the many different mechanisms of disease and human health. The basis of this research can center around such subjects as molecular biology, genetics, neuroscience, and immunology. In many cases, biomedical research is used for the development of new medications as well as new forms of medical technology. The initial research that’s conducted by researchers and scientists in the biomedical field can provide pharmaceutical companies with the knowledge that they require to create a drug that’s effective and can successfully be brought to the market.

There are a wide range of fantastic biomedical nonprofit organizations that are situated in and around Orange County, most of which have already made significant breakthroughs in the medical industry. Some of the top biomedical nonprofits in Orange County include University Lab Partners, Red Cross BioMedical Services, and the Allergan Foundation. The following takes a close look at five of the best biomedical nonprofits in Orange County.

University Lab Partners

University Lab Partners is a completely independent and nonprofit program that’s located in Irvine, CA. This program strives to foster innovation within the biomedical industry. They offer extensive research capabilities and a vast network of business, technical, and talent resources to medtech and bioscience companies at a very low cost. All of the resources and features that they provide are available in the UCI Research Park, which is an expansive area that offers more than 2.2 million square feet of office space. Around 18,000 square feet of this space is available with University Lab Partners.

Individual entrepreneurs, growing startups, and small businesses can readily access a variety of shared resources to conduct their research and testing. These resources include a freezer farm, a tissue culture lab, fume hoods, spectroscopy equipment, and additional prototyping and testing equipment. Along with standard cubicle and office space that your team can purchase for any aspect of your business that doesn’t require a lab, wet lab space can also be selected via a private suite for 4-6 people or a dedicated bench for 1-2 people. The companies and startups that have used this space in the past have gone on to see success and develop new innovations in the biomedical industry, which may not have been possible without access to this space. For startups that don’t have enough funds, University Lab Partners offers a low-cost rental solution that offers all of the high-tech equipment that these companies need to grow their business and develop new products.

University Lab Partners was originally founded in partnership by the Beall Family Foundation and UCI Applied Innovation. The Beall Family Foundation is a nonprofit organization that wants to make the world a better place through innovation and education. Founded by Don Beall over a decade ago, the Beall Family Foundation is responsible for providing support and charitable contributions to many local foundations and universities throughout Orange County.

The primary goal of University Lab Partners is to further biomedical and medtech innovation by offering a low-cost solution for startups to gain access to valuable wet lab life science equipment.

Biotherapeutics, Education & Research Foundation


The Biotherapeutics, Education & Research Foundation is a nonprofit organization that’s dedicated towards the betterment of health. They focus primarily on supporting health education, patient care, and research in both symbiotic medicine and biotherapy, the latter of which is aimed at restoring or boosting the immune system’s ability to fight infections, cancer, and many other diseases.

The foundation is located in Irvine and offers a large number of services. For instance, the biotherapy research that they conduct includes therapy and research on maggots, service dogs and cats, bee venom, and roundworms. This research has led to a surprising number of important discoveries. For instance, maggot therapy research has allowed for the medical use of maggots for cleaning wounds.

Some of the other services that are offered through this nonprofit organization include regular biomedical conferences and events, maggot therapy workshops, and a variety of procedure templates based on the research that they’ve gathered over the years. They were originally founded in 2003 and have since developed many fantastic innovations, the primary of which include maggot therapy procedures that have become increasingly popular in the medical industry. Today, patients don’t need to be referred to regional hospitals in order to receive maggot treatments. The current research projects that they’re working on include modern applications for leech therapy and the effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Red Cross BioMedical Services


Red Cross BioMedical Services is a key component of the Red Cross organization that is located in the small city of Brea, CA. Their biomedical research and development is extensive to account for the needs of patients, biomedical companies, and hospitals. Most of the biomedical services that they provided are centered around blood drives and donations. The blood that they collect is then distributed to hospitals on a 24/7 basis. The lifesaving blood products that they gather and provide to hospitals include platelets, red blood cells, plasma, whole blood, and a variety of additional products that can be used for blood research. This research can focus on everything from mono-nuclear cells to source leukocytes.

While most of the services that they provide are focused on blood, their biomedical services have grown substantially over the past decade to cover a wide range of additional subjects. For hospitals, they offer blood banking resources and case reports. The patient services that they provide extend to the collection of mono-nuclear cells, the collection of stem cells, and therapeutic apheresis services. They also offer comprehensive testing services that can be accessed by physicians. These services include HLA testing, molecular testing, and infectious disease testing. All of these services help hospitals save lives each and every day. The blood donations that they gather has proven to help cancer patients, burn patients, trauma patients, sickle cell patients, and patients with chronic diseases.

Allergan Foundation


The Allergan Foundation is located in Irvine and is a biomedical company that specializes in the discovery, development, and commercialization of innovative medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and biologic drugs. Their primary goal with the services that they provide is to help people live their lives to their greatest potential.

This nonprofit foundation provides grants and monetary support to companies and programs that promote the awareness, education, and research of various health issues. Many of the grants that they provide are also designed to go to companies that are improving patient access to care as well as the overall quality of health care.

The community grants that the Allergan Foundation awards to businesses and biomedical startups extend from $5,000-$25,000. Most of these grants are given to companies that operate out of Orange County, which allows Allergen to promote and strengthen the biomedical industry in and around Southern California. The Allergan Foundation also markets top-tier biomedical products for eye care, mental health, the central nervous system, dermatology, women’s health, and medical aesthetics.

By using a model of scientific research that’s known as open science, they are able to identify and develop innovative ideas for patient care, which has greatly helped the pharmaceutical industry. Since the founding of the Allergan Foundation in 1998, they have donated over $84 million in the support of the local and national biomedical industries. Among their latest donations occured towards the end of 2018 when they pledged more than $2,000,000 for breast cancer awareness and research.

Amgen Foundation


The Amgen Foundation is a nonprofit organization in Orange County that focuses primarily on developing therapies and medicines that are able to restore health and possibly save lives. All of the services that they offer center around serving patients. Along with the medicines that they provide, the Amgen Foundation seeks to invest in the surrounding biomedical community throughout Orange County, Ventura County, and Los Angeles County, which they believe will help to inspire further generations of innovators. Since their founding in 1991, their donations and grants have reached more than $300 million. The majority of these funds have been provided to businesses and other nonprofit organizations in the biomedical community.

The R&D aspect of the Amgen Foundation aims to identify, develop, and provide transformative medicines that are able to address the main causes of disability and death. Their research and development strategy revolves around five primary components, which include redefining the guiding principles of R&D, making major investments that are based on persuasive science, refocusing efforts for discovery research, pursuing a biology first approach when selecting biomedical tools and targets, and strengthening ROI with operational efficiency.

The Amgen Foundation also currently hosts numerous clinical trials for the development of new and experimental therapies. These trials can be used by pharmaceutical and other biomedical companies that are in the final phases of drug development. The pipeline that they offer for clinical trials includes three distinct phases.

For instance, phase 1 trials investigate proper doses and safety of medications among a few human subjects. There are currently two dozen trials that are ongoing in phase 1, which include possible medications for prostate cancer and metastatic melanoma. Phase 2 and phase 3 trials are open to a much larger number of patients. There are currently eight medications that are being tested in these clinical trials, which include medications for severe cases of asthma, multiple myeloma, and chronic heart failure.


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