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Co-produced by EBD Group and Xconomy Insight, this e-book utilizes some of the Biotech's industry's best sources to help entrepreneurs overcome many of the challenges faced in the Biotech industry.

This sourcebook gathers advice from some of the industry’s best sources to help entrepreneurs solve some of the toughest—and often unexpected—challenges of creating a life sciences startup.

This e-book also provides a list of valuable resources for budding Biotech entrepreneurs including:

  • Essentials to IP Game Planning
  • Make Your Board of Directors a Board of Enablers
  • Incubators Become a Must in Vibrant Biotech Ecoystems
  • The Art and Science of Constructing a Cap Table
  • Hit Your Mark With a Perfect Pitch

Insights, wisdom, and inspiration from a carefully selected group of the industry's best sources on what it truly takes to start a successful biotech company, with examples from their own experience.

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