2020 World Medical Innovation Forum: The Future of Medicine and AI

03/16/20 | 6 MIN READ

World Medical Innovation Forum is one of the largest forums of 2020.

If you're starting a business in the life sciences industry or any other industry that relates to medicine, a great way to learn more about the modern advancements that are being made is by taking time to attend conferences, forums, and meetings pertaining to the industry that you work in.

Among the largest forums for 2020 is the World Medical Innovation Forum, which is going to be centered around the future of medicine and AI. The many different topics that are set to be discussed at this event will take place in panel presentations, workshops, and fireside chats.

The World Medical Innovation Forum is currently set to occur from May 11-13 in Boston, MA. Artificial intelligence and medicine have become intricately linked in recent years, which has allowed for the creation of many advanced technologies. Both artificial intelligence and machine learning have significant potential to assist in the improvement of patient care, treatment outcomes, and medical costs. Learning more about the advancements that are expected to be made in the future with AI and medicine may allow you to better understand which direction to take your life sciences company in.

The World Medical Innovation Forum is a gathering of more than 1,700 leaders in the health care industry, which is why it's highly recommended that you attend if possible. There are going to be dozens of different panels and workshops that take place throughout the three-day event, all of which are highly varied and unique.

This article goes into detail about what the 2020 World Medical Innovation Forum entails and how you can attend.

What is The 2020 World Medical Innovation Forum?

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The 2020 World Medical Innovation Forum is a gathering of over 1,700 leaders in the health care industry to discuss the intersection of medicine and AI. Many individuals from the prestigious Harvard Medical School and Partners HealthCare are set to attend this three-day conference.

When and Where is the Event?

The World Medical Innovation Forum is going to be held in Boston, MA from May 11-13. The venue that it's set to take place in is the The Westin Copley Place, Boston, which is situated at Huntington Avenue 10.

What is the Goal of the Event?

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The main goal of this event is to explore how artificial intelligence will provide technological advancements to medicine. During the event, the many topics of discussion will be held in fireside chats, panel presentations, and workshops. This forum was created under the belief that health care must be shared in order to achieve collaborative innovation. The global leaders that attend this forum will be talking about the new and emerging role that machine learning and artificial intelligence have in health care.

The in-depth conversations that are going to take place at the World Medical Innovation Forum will examine the novel technologies of AI and how they can impact patients. The many leaders and speakers at this event include investment and industry executives, medical professionals, and research/clinical leaders from Harvard. Likely the most notable aspect of this forum is that there are no formal presentations. The panels and discussions are meant to allow for passionate conversation to provide members in the audience with useful insight into the health care industry.

Who Will Be Speaking?

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Leaders from more than 30 countries are set to be represented at this forum. The dozens of keynote speakers at the forum include the CEOs of Amgen, Siemens Healthcare, and Philips. These CEOs will be joined with executives of emerging startups as well as key faculty from Harvard. While the main focal point of this conference is to explore the connection between AI and healthcare, there will be many other topics discussed during the event, which include everything from emerging technologies to the hidden data in healthcare.

Along with the healthcare professionals and leaders that are going to be attending this forum, it's important to understand than anyone can purchase a ticket for the three-day event. There are many reasons why you should think about attending this event. If you own a startup  or are an entrepreneur within the life sciences or any medical-related industry, this forum can provide you with an in-depth look at the future of the industry. Whether your startup is centered around creating new medicines or is looking into developing advanced technologies, the World Medical Innovation Forum can be a wonderful resource at helping you know more about the industry that you work in.

Why Should You Be There?

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As touched upon previously, it's very important to attend events within the industry you work in if you want to understand which direction the industry is moving. With the role that technology has been playing in the medical industry over the past decade, these forums can prove essential if you want your business to thrive. When you don't meet with people inside of the industry, you'll likely have a difficult time responding quickly to changes that occur within the industry, which may cause your business to be left behind in an industry that's relatively crowded.

Since this forum includes researchers, clinicians, and leaders from numerous health organizations, you should definitely consider using the event to expand your network. You never know when a member of your network can provide you with some assistance or resources that you require to grow your company. Having a strong network also reduces the possibility that your company will fail. The members of your network can become partners in your company, provide you with much-needed mentorship, and give you feedback on your products and services based on the experience that they have.

It's technically possible to network with anyone who attends the event. Along with other members of the audience, you can take steps towards bolstering your network among the healthcare professionals and executives who are set to attend the conference. Because of how important networking is to the success of any business, this is a great reason to purchase a ticket to the 2020 World Medical Innovation Forum.

How to Register and How Much Is It?

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Registering for the World Medical Innovation Forum is easy and can be done atthis link.

The five ticket options available to you include:

  • Full registration
  • Non-profit/education/government
  • Group rate
  • Partners HealthCare employee
  • Student

For the full registration, you will have until April 27 to register. The other four registration options come with deadlines of May 10.

Ticket Option Price
Full Registration $1,495
Non-profit/education/government $799
Group rate $1,245 per person
Partners HealthCare employee $299
Student $199

At the moment, the full registration costs $1,495. However, a rate increase is set to occur on March 26, which will require you to pay $1,749 if you happen to register after this date. The non-profit/education/government registration costs $799. If you're traveling with a group of three or more individuals, the cost of registration is set to $1,245 per person. However, a discount of $250 can be obtained if you're traveling with five or more attendees from the same company. If you are an employee of Partners HealthCare, registration only costs $299. As for student registration, tickets will cost $199. Keep in mind that you will need to provide a student ID along with a .edu email address.

What to Expect at the 2020 World Medical Innovation Forum

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There are a wide range of topics that are going to be discussed during the three-day World Medical Innovation Forum. As mentioned previously, there are no formal presentations at this forum. Instead, the forum is broken up into dozens of fireside chats, workshops, and panel presentations that focus on a wide range of topics, many of which are related to the link between healthcare and AI.

The keynote speakers and presenters that are hosting the conversations at this forum include executives of top companies in the industry like Siemens Healthcare and Amgen. Some additional speakers include top faculty at Harvard, key investors in the healthcare industry, and CEOs of emerging startups.

During the event, you will have the opportunity to take part in many different conversations and workshops, which include such topics as:

  • The Next High Impact Wave of Value-Based AI
  • Start Up Session: Life Sciences
  • Artificial Intelligence in Surgery
  • Are We In a Crisis With Infectious Disease?
  • AI in China's Aging Care Industry
  • CEO Roundtable
  • The Patient Experience AI
  • Managing Data Security Risk In a Borderless World

People sitting in an audience listening to a presentation at a conference

While these forums have always focused on the top innovations in the healthcare industry, the topic changes each year. While the 2019 forum focused on "Where AI Meets Clinical Care", the subjects from previous years included advancements for cardiovascular and cardio-metabolic care, promising developments in cancer treatment, and the future of neurological medicine. Because of how engaging these topics are and how important they could be for the continued growth of your company, you should consider attending every year.

More Resources & Information

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If you're thinking about attending this event and want to learn more about what it entails, you can do so at this link. When you want to expand your knowledge about the industry that you work in, it's highly recommended that you gather available resources and attend numerous events that will help you accomplish this goal. For additional resources on advancements in the healthcare industry, you can go to this link for a look at some key medtech innovations that are driving the industry.

Whether you have just formed a startup in the life sciences industry or are currently weighing options as an entrepreneur, you should consider attending industry events on a regular basis, which will help you learn more about the industry while also giving you a great opportunity to build your network. To find more events in the life sciences and medical industries, you can look at the calendar of events available at the ULP incubator. The upcoming events for 2020 include everything from a Market Segmentation discussion to a "Medtech Minds" workshop.

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