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Unprecedented Access to a Premier Wet Lab Facility

ULP is dedicated to creating a culture of medtech and bioresearch innovation in Orange County by providing wet lab facilities and resources while working to  build the necessary network to facilitate the path from idea to research and intellectual property development to commercially viable enterprises and domestically manufactured products.

As part of that mission, we work to provide state of the art wet lab equipment, office space, and additional resources to aid our innovators who are in need of support to see their vision through.

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Flexible Workspace

Not all medtech and biotech startups have the same needs. From lab space and equipment to office space, we provide what you need and let you build the lab and workspace solution you want.
Lab Bench

Lab Bench

6-feet dedicated lab benches give entrepreneurs a fast way to get up and running.
$2,450 / month
Private Lab Suite

Private Lab Suite

Private Lab Suites accommodate slightly larger teams that require a little more privacy.
$6,250+ / month
Private Office

Private Office

Add an office to your membership for a private, professional workspace for the business side of your startup.
$1,450+ / month


Add a cubicle to facilitate your needs in close proximity to your lab.
$550 / month
Cellular Biology
Cellular Biology
  • Flow Cytometer - Attune NXT
  • Electroporation System - Invitrogen Neon NxT
  • Biosafety Cabinet BSL2+ - Labconco Purifier Logic
  • CO2 Incubator- Forma 184
  • Cell counters - NucleoCounter NC-200 and Countess II FL
Cellular Biology
Molecular Biology
Molecular Biology
  • QuantStudio 6 Pro Real-Time PCR System 
  • Thermal cycler - Agilent SureCycle 8800
  • PCR Workstation - Clean Hood 100
  • Plate Reader - luminescence, fluorescence, absorbance - BioTek Synergy HTX
  • Plate washer/dispenser - BioTek EL406 Washer dispenser
  • Shaking incubator- MaxQ 8000
  • Incubators
Molecular Biology
Analytical Equipment
Analytical Equipment
  • HPLC - 1260 Infinity II Bio-Inert LC System
  • Spectrophotometer - UV/Vis - Thermo Evolution 201
  • Protein Separation - Invitrogen Bolt
  • Spectrophotometer Microvolume - UV/Vis-Nanodrop One
  • Electrophoresis - Vertical and Horizontal
  • Gel imagers
  • Western BlotDry Transfer - Invitrogen iBlot2
Analytical Equipment
  • Live Cell Imaging/ Z-Stack: ECHO Revolution
  • Inverted/upright fluorescence - ECHO Revolve
  • Inverted/upright - ECHO Rebel
  • Stereoscope - Nikkon SMZ 745
  • Inverted tissue culture - Primo Vert
  • High speed-Beckman Avanti JXN26
  • Refrigerated - Avanti J15R
  • Refrigerated microcentrifuges
  • Microfuges
Cold Storage
Cold Storage
  • Refrigerators - Chromatography and 4°C
  • Freezers - ULT (-80°C) and -20°C
  • Cryogenic storage
Cold Storage
General Laboratory
General Laboratory
  • Rotary evaporator
  • Fume hoods
  • Analytical balance
  • Digital dry bath
  • Hotplate stirrers
  • Microwave
  • Ice maker
  • Autoclave
  • Nutating mixer
  • Nutators
  • Orbitor shaker
  • Compressed air
  • pH meter
  • Ultrapure Water Systems - DI/Milli-Q
  • Sonicator bath
  • Acid cabinets
  • Flammables cabinets
  • Vortex mixer
General Laboratory
  • SLA printer - Form Lab 3, Form Lab 3L
  • FDM pprinter - Ultimaker S5
  • Laser cutter - Boss HP 3655
  • CAD workstations
  • Single column static testing system -Instron 5943

UCI Research Park Equipment List

Exclusive Member Benefits

Environmental Health & Safety
EH&S maintenance, chemical waste storage, and hazardous waste handling + disposal.
Conference Rooms
Collaborate with your team or host investors in one of our professional conference rooms.
Experts in Residence
Providing complimentary mentorship and consultancy.
Complimentary Gym Membership
On-site ULP Members receive a complimentary membership to UCI Research Park Kinetic Fitness Center.
ULP Runs on Dunkin'
ULP Pantry runs on Dunkin' featuring Dunkin' coffee, teas, and treats.

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ULP is dedicated to creating a culture of innovation by providing resources and building the necessary network to facilitate the path from idea to research and intellectual property development to commercially viable enterprises and domestically manufactured products.




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Unprecedented Access to a Premier Facility

Residency options available from $2,450/month

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I rent office space only?

Because our priority is empowering and fueling the medtech and biotech industries in Orange County, ULP provides wet-lab benches and private lab suites with the option to add on office space.

What types of med and biotech companies are incubating at ULP?

At this time, ULP's community consists of therapeutic, diagnostic, drug discovery, and medical device start-ups. As our community grows, this is ever evolving.

What is the minimum lease term?

ULP offers a minimum 6-month lease term.

Can I bring in my own equipment?

ULP prides itself on providing state-of-the-art wet lab equipment for your use while in residency. However, we understand that you may have lab needs outside that scope and, for that reason, we allow you to bring your own equipment with ULP approval.

As a member of ULP, do I have access to all shared equipment?

ULP residents have access to ALL shared resources (i.e. fabrication, microscopy, analytical, cold storage, tissue culture) at no additional cost.

Is ULP part of UCI?

ULP is an independent, non-profit incubator supported by the Beall Family Foundation. There are no IP or equity claims for companies incubating at ULP. ULP has a close partnership with UCI and is physically located in the same building as UCI Beall Applied Innovation.