The Top 15 Coworking & Shared Office Spaces in Orange County

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Top 15 coworking and shared office spaces that you can find in and around Orange County.

Orange County has quickly become a hub for technology and innovation, which is evident by the many premium shared office spaces that are available in and around the county. Many high profile companies and industries have set their sights on Orange County for promising talent and startups as well as innovative ideas including Fortune 500 companies like Tenet Healthcare and Edwards Lifesciences which have a sizable presence in Orange County and are among the top employers in the region.

Due to its central location in Southern California, Orange County has become a hub for brilliant tech-preneurs and startups looking to make a name for themselves within the tech, biotech, medtech, and life science space. Because startups often have to bootstrap their way to success with limited access to funds, being able to avoid the high capital requirements of a standard office or laboratory make coworking spaces and shared office spaces the ideal location for a startup to hit the ground running.

If your company is looking for affordable workspace that's flexible and provides for all of your business needs, the following are the top 15 coworking and shared office spaces that you can find in and around Orange County!

University Lab Partner location: a shared coworking office space at UC Irvine

1. University Lab Partners

University Lab Partners is a unique wet lab incubator that also offers a shared office space. This non-profit wet lab incubator is partnered with the University of California, Irvine Applied Innovation and is located in the UCI Research Park. This Irvine incubator was founded by the Baell Family Foundation and is set up as a non-profit and independent program. The Baell Family Foundation was founded by Don & Joan Beall in 1989 and has since provided a substantial amount of philanthropic support to a variety of causes that positively impact the surrounding community. One area of focus for the foundation that started this non-profit wet lab incubator has been on entrepreneurship and innovation within the technical and scientific fields.

This wet lab incubator provides companies with access to a complete wet lab, staff, and any equipment that they might need to grow their business, all of which is available within the UCI Research Park. University Lab Partners's facility also offers cubicle workstations, office spaces, and convenient access to many of the amenities that you would expect to see in a standard office setting, which include a well equipped gym, conference rooms, a bikeshare program, and onsite dining.

Learn more about University Lab Partners wet lab incubator:

2. Industrious Irvine

Industrious Irvine is a coworking space that aims to provide workers with an energetic and vibrant campus. The space that they offer consists of phone booths, private offices, conference rooms, and common areas. Member wellness events, wine tastings, and afternoon snacks are some of the hospitality perks at Industrious Irvine that are designed to create a welcoming and warm office experience.

  • Community membership - $485 per month
  • Private office - $940-$2,835 depending on number of desks in office

Learn more about Industrious Irvine coworking Space:

3. Eureka Building

Eureka Building is a shared office space provider in Irvine that offers flexible working facilities along with a collegiate atmosphere. A variety of office solutions are available to entrepreneurs and startups, which includes a standard coworking option known as the hub where you can select a shared or dedicated desk. An array of interesting events are also hosted at the Eureka Building such as coding language events, freelancer meetups, and startup-focused events.

  • Day pass - $25 per day
  • Office - $99-$499 per month depending on amount of required features
  • Conference room - $25 per hour

Learn more about Eureka Building coworking space:

4. WeWork

WeWork is a national chain that offers coworking spaces in many locations across the U.S. Their spaces can be used by small startups as well as larger corporations. All of their coworking spaces are warmly lit and include open floor plans to increase productivity. Each space is built with networking in mind. Shared desks, dedicated desks, and private offices are the three primary options available to businesses. When you select a dedicated desk, you'll be provided with a permanent desk at your desired location, mail handling, a trash can, a chair, filing cabinets, and the ability to use a conference room for a few hours each month.

  • Office suites - Pricing can vary
  • Private office - $450 per month
  • Shared workspace - $220 per month

Learn more about WeWork coworking space:

5. CrashLabs

CrashLabs is a shared office in Costa Mesa that provides 2,500 square feet of office space along with a spacious outdoor courtyard that includes WiFi access. If you become a monthly member at CrashLabs, you'll also gain access to a kitchen with complimentary snacks, beverages, and coffee that can help the work day progress more smoothly. The collaborative space at CrashLabs is meant to provide a community to anyone who works independently.

  • Shared space - $375 per month
  • Mailbox - $40 per month

Learn more about CrashLabs coworking space:

6. Fldwrk Costa Mesa

Fldwrk Costa Mesa offers 6,300 square feet of space in a chic warehouse. The space is open and airy, which is believed to accommodate a relaxed atmosphere where networking is possible. The space can be used for retreats, business conferences, fundraisers, and client meetings. The area plays host to Neat Coffee, which is a popular coffee shop in the area. Other site features include spacious desks with USB ports and ergonomic chairs, fast internet connections, and regular community events.

  • Shared office and conference room - $158-$375 per month depending on hours used
  • Dedicated cubicles and offices - $550 per month

Learn more about Fldwrk Costa Mesa coworking space

7. WorkWell

WorkWell is a modern coworking space where you can go to grow your startup in a location that's designed specifically to be suitable to individuals and companies looking to expand. All members receive amenities like 24/7 access to the space, bottomless coffee, phone booths, high-speed internet, a full kitchen, mail service, and printing.

  • Virtual office - $100 per month
  • Hot desk - $300 per month
  • Dedicated desk - $550 per month
  • Office suite - Pricing available upon contact

Learn more about WorkWell coworking space:

8. Next7

Next7 offers energetic work environments that are designed primarily to spur innovation among companies and individuals looking to make their next move in the industry. The vast work facilities include a well equipped kitchen and numerous conference rooms. Networking is a high priority for Next7, which is why their facilities are equipped with an outdoor patio and grill as well as a farmer's market. They hold events and happy hour for the community on a regular basis.

  • Business Address - $75 per month
  • Coworking 24/7 - $250 per month
  • Dedicated desk - $350 per month
  • Private office - $1,200 per month

Learn more about Next7 coworking space:

9. PeopleSpace

PeopleSpace is an incubator and coworking space located in Orange County that provides tech startups, entrepreneurs, and companies with 14,000 square feet of space. You can choose anything from a day pass membership to a private office for your shared office space needs. Team desks are available for up to four members and come with amenities like mail service, free WiFi, coffee, and tea, and complete access to the community space.

  • Day pass - $20 per day
  • Seat - $175 per month
  • Team desk - $750 per month
  • Private office - Price available upon inquiry

Learn more about PeopleSpace coworking space:

10. Spaces the Met

Spaces the Met provides companies and startups with flexible office space that can be used for everything from conferencing to networking. Nearly 300 dedicated desks are available within the 27,000 square-foot space. Unless you choose a private office, the shared office space is well-lit, beautifully designed, and open to ensure that your creativity flows. Weekly events are held on an array of subjects to assist with networking.

  • Individual workspace - $269 per month
  • Private office - $569 per month
  • Dedicated desk - $389 per month
  • Meeting room - $160 per month

Learn more about Spaces the Met coworking space:

11. Real Office Centers (ROC)

Real Office Centers is a coworking program that's situated within The Vine OC, which is a contemporary shared working space that's centered around collaboration. They offer indoor and outdoor working space that's also used for regular events. This space offers a substantial amount of resources to growing companies and includes private offices if necessary.

  • Shared space - $175 per month
  • Private offices - Must contact

Learn more about Real Office Centers (ROC) coworking space:

12. TechSpace Costa Mesa

TechSpace is a sleek and stylish coworking space in Costa Mesa that provides members of the tech industry with an area where their creativity can flourish. This space is available to both startups and larger corporations with more than 30 employees. Their offices and conference rooms are spacious to accommodate any business need. Some of the amenities included at TechSpace extend from a game room and outdoor patio seating to monthly member events and fresh coffee.

  • Virtual services - $50 per month
  • Flexible space - $250 per month
  • Private office - $950-$16,500 depending on number of employees using office
  • Office for 29 or more people - Must contact

Learn more about TechSpace Costa Mesa coworking space:

13. Batch

Batch is a coworking space in Santa Ana that offers a modern and comfortable environment just nearby numerous restaurants and coffee shops as well as a farmer's market. The environment is designed to be open and collaborative for any individual or company that wishes to use it, which includes writers, designers, and developers. The space is situated in a way that allows for optimum productivity.

  • Two days per week - $200
  • Three days per week - $320
  • Four days per week - $440
  • Dedicated desk - $550 per week
Learn more about the Batch space here.

14. SPACES California Intersect Irvine

SPACES California Intersect Irvine is a dynamic and flexible workspace that covers more than 34,000 square feet of office space. Within the workspace are 281 dedicated desks along with numerous sofas and tables for collaborative networking and ideation. Members of this shared office space gain access to high speed WiFi as well as two conference rooms.

  • Private office - Pricing may vary, contact
  • Dedicated space - Pricing may vary, contact
  • Flexible work station - Pricing may vary - contact

Learn more about SPACES California Intersect Irvine coworking space:

15. Maz Coworking Space

Maz Coworking Space is housed in an old cafe and acts as a shared office space for any business that wants to work in a chill and creative environment. The space is filled with ample amounts of natural light and greenery, both of which are designed to assist with providing a suitable work atmosphere where pressure is low and problems can be solved with ease. Although the space is small, it includes office basics like high-speed WiFi, heating and air conditioning, printers, scanners, standing desks, and an onsite cafe. Community lunches are held regularly to ensure that the work space is a lively one.

  • Open plan seating - $20 per day, $200 per month
  • Dedicated desk - Call to verify

Learn more about Maz coworking space:


Due to the rising popularity of Orange County as the next major tech hub in Southern California, it's no wonder coworking spaces and wet lab incubators are popping up all over the Orange County area! If you have any questions or comments about the University Lab Partners facility at the UCI Research Park -- contact us today and we'll be more than happy to assist you with any questions you may have! Already know our facility is the right spot for you? Apply Now!

Did we miss your favorite coworking space? Leave us a message in the comments below and we'll consider adding to the list of the top 15 Coworking & Shared Office Spaces in Orange County!


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