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University Lab Partners Community Hub

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ULP Wet Lab Residents

Start-ups and life science innovators know firsthand the challenges entrepreneurs and researchers face. From the very early stages, whether biomed or medtech research, the labor is intense and resources are invaluable, from equipment to colleagues and mentors. And, often, finding the time to make the necessary connections and build the networks that will help you get ahead is even harder to come by. That’s why we’ve put together the ULP Community Portal. This is a unique place for you to develop and grow your venture by connecting with like-minded individuals to build your mighty network and help your venture grow. From research and development to product and business launch, the ULP team and community are here to help.



ULP Students

As students interested in exploring bioresearch, medtech, and life sciences, it can be hard to know where to start and where to go next. What work are you truly passionate about? What lab skills do you need? What courses should you take? What can help you get a leg up and advance your education while helping you chart a career path? We created ULP Empowers to bring together the Orange County high school and undergraduate life science community and to help you answer those questions. We envision a community where students and mentors can get together and share resources, interests, and ideas about pursuing and investing in this growing field.


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