Top Pitch Competitions for Life Science Startups

11/08/23 | 5 MIN READ Revised 04/10/24

The best pitch competitions that provide life science startups with a platform to showcase their innovative ideas and secure funding.

The Importance of Pitch Competitions for Life Science Startups

Pitch competitions are a vital platform for life science startups. They provide exposure, feedback, and funding opportunities that can significantly impact the success and growth of these startups. By participating in these competitions, entrepreneurs can gain valuable insights, make important connections, and increase their chances of turning their innovative ideas into successful businesses.

Key Benefits of Participating in Pitch Competitions

Participating in pitch competitions offers several key benefits for life science startups. These benefits can greatly contribute to the success and growth of the startup. Here are some key advantages of participating in pitch competitions:

1. Exposure: Pitch competitions provide startups with a platform to showcase their ideas and solutions to a wide audience, including potential investors, industry experts, and partners. This exposure can lead to valuable connections, partnerships, and opportunities for growth.

2. Feedback and Mentorship: Pitch competitions offer startups the opportunity to receive feedback and guidance from experienced professionals in the life science industry. This feedback can help startups refine their strategies, improve their value propositions, and identify areas for growth and improvement.

3. Funding Opportunities: Many pitch competitions offer cash prizes or investment opportunities to the winners. Securing funding can provide startups with the capital they need to further develop their products, conduct research, or scale their operations.

4. Networking and Connections: Pitch competitions bring together entrepreneurs, investors, and industry leaders, creating an ideal environment for networking and building valuable connections. These connections can open doors to new partnerships, collaborations, and business opportunities.

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5. Validation and Credibility: Winning or even participating in a reputable pitch competition can provide startups with a sense of validation and credibility. It demonstrates that their ideas and solutions have been recognized and endorsed by industry experts, which can attract the attention of potential investors and customers.

"At Vena Vitals, we've participated in a number of pitch competitions over the past few years, and win or lose, we've always come out on top in terms of the benefits that we gained from it.We've been fortunate to have won in four contests, earning sizable non-dilutive prize money and the unparalleled recognition that comes with it. While it's always exciting to win, it's actually some of the losses that have shaped us the most, as they've provided invaluable insights to help us make the pivotal decisions that guided the company. Just the process of participating each time has forced me as the CEO/co-founder to not only to better define our strategy and plan, but also to better articulate it to others, clearly and succinctly. And this has helped us tremendously throughout our fundraising journey. My advice to anyone considering participating in a pitch competition is to dive right in - there's really no downsides and only innumerable upside." 

Ray Liu, CEO and Co-Founder of Vena Vitals, in Irvine, California.

Top Pitch Competitions for Life Science Startups

When it comes to finding the best pitch competitions for life science startups, there are several notable options to consider. These competitions offer startups the opportunity to showcase their innovative ideas and compete for funding and recognition. Here are some of the top pitch competitions for life science startups:

1. MedTech Innovator: MedTech Innovator is the largest accelerator of medical device innovation in the world. They organize an annual competition that offers startups the chance to win funding, exposure, and mentorship from industry leaders.

2. MassChallenge HealthTech: MassChallenge HealthTech is a global accelerator program that supports startups in the healthcare industry. They host an annual competition where startups can compete for funding, mentorship, and access to a network of industry experts and investors.

3. The Global Health Innovators Challenge: Organized by the Consortium of Universities for Global Health, The Global Health Innovators Challenge focuses on startups that are addressing global health challenges. The competition offers funding, mentorship, and the opportunity to present at the annual Global Health Conference.

4. Pitch. Launch. Grow: University Lab Partners (ULP) hosts the annual Pitch. Launch. Grow, a pitch competition for life science startups. Applicants have the opportunity to apply for 2 tracks, life science and medical technologies. The life science track includes companies developing technology in the fields of drug discovery, pharmaceuticals, and therapeutics. The medical technologies track includes companies developing medical devices, diagnostics, and digital health innovations.

Pitch Competitions with Key Strategic Partners

1. Golden Ticket at BioLabs LA (Amgen): The Amgen Golden Ticket winner is chosen by a team of Amgen scientific leaders at a pitch event. Five finalists pitched their business plans before Amgen's internal committee that evaluated the strength and novelty of their scientific rationale, subject matter expertise and business plan viability to win 1-year lab space at BioLabs. 

2. Golden Ticket at University Lab Partners (Allergan Aesthetics): The Golden Passport for aesthetics startups provides the winner with a lab bench for one year and opportunities to engage with industry mentors including scientific and business leaders from Allergan Aesthetics. Applications are open until July 8, 2024. Applicants will have the opportunity to engage in topic-specific webinars presented by Allergan Aesthetics and other industry mentors during the application period.

These are just a few examples of the many pitch competitions available for life science startups. It's important for startups to research and carefully select the competitions that align with their goals, industry focus, and stage of development.

Criteria for Selecting the Right Pitch Competition

Selecting the right pitch competition is crucial for life science startups. It's important to consider certain criteria to ensure that the chosen competition aligns with the startup's goals and needs. Here are some key criteria to consider when selecting a pitch competition:

1. Industry Focus: Some pitch competitions are specifically tailored to certain industries or sectors within the life sciences. Startups should consider whether the competition aligns with their specific industry focus, whether it's biotechnology, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, or others.

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2. Stage of Development: Pitch competitions often cater to startups at different stages of development. Some competitions are more suitable for early-stage startups, while others are geared towards more mature companies. Startups should choose a competition that aligns with their stage of development to maximize their chances of success.

3. Funding Opportunities: Consider the funding opportunities offered by the competition. Some competitions offer cash prizes, while others provide investment opportunities or access to funding networks. Startups should evaluate the financial benefits and determine if they align with their funding needs.

4. Mentorship and Support: Look for competitions that offer mentorship and support from experienced professionals in the life science industry. This guidance can be invaluable for startups, helping them refine their strategies, improve their pitches, and navigate the challenges of the industry.

5. Reputation and Credibility: Consider the reputation and credibility of the competition. Research past winners and participants to assess the impact and value of winning or participating in the competition. A reputable competition can provide startups with valuable validation and exposure.

By considering these criteria, startups can select the pitch competition that best suits their needs and goals. It's important to research and evaluate multiple competitions to make an informed decision.

Tips for Success in Pitch Competitions

Participating in pitch competitions can be a challenging and competitive experience. To increase the chances of success, here are some essential tips for life science startups:

1. Prepare and Practice: Thoroughly prepare your pitch and practice it repeatedly. Know your value proposition, target audience, and key messages. Be confident and concise.

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2. Understand the Judges and Audience: Research the judges and audience beforehand to understand their backgrounds, interests, and expectations. Tailor your pitch accordingly to resonate with them.

3. Highlight the Problem and Solution: Clearly articulate the problem your startup is addressing and how your solution solves it. Focus on the impact and potential benefits of your innovation.

4. Demonstrate Market Potential: Showcase the market potential of your product or service. Highlight the size of the market, the demand for your solution, and any competitive advantages you have.

5. Show Progress and Traction: Investors and judges want to see evidence of progress and traction. Present any milestones, partnerships, or achievements that demonstrate the viability and growth potential of your startup.

6. Be Authentic and Passionate: Let your passion and enthusiasm for your startup shine through. Be authentic and genuine, as investors are not only investing in your idea but also in you as an entrepreneur.

7. Practice Effective Communication: Use clear and concise language. Avoid jargon and technical terms that may confuse the audience. Use visuals and storytelling techniques to engage the judges and make your pitch memorable.

8. Be Open to Feedback: Embrace feedback and be open to constructive criticism. Use feedback as an opportunity to improve and refine your pitch.

9. Network and Build Connections: Take advantage of the networking opportunities during the competition. Connect with judges, investors, and fellow entrepreneurs. Building relationships can lead to future partnerships and opportunities.

10. Follow Up: After the competition, follow up with the judges and investors who showed interest in your startup. Keep them updated on your progress and maintain the relationship.

By following these tips, life science startups can enhance their chances of success in pitch competitions. It's important to approach each competition as a learning experience and continuously refine your pitch and strategy based on feedback and insights.


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