Kickstart Your STEM Education with ULP

Empowering the next generation of life science innovators through real-world educational opportunities that inspire students to pursue STEM careers, enhance college applications, and provide hands-on skill sets for improved employability in bioresearch, biotech, and medtech industries.

The Power of Life Science Technology: Explore. Educate. Empower.

Advances in life science technologies not only have an incredible impact on how innovative medicines are developed and delivered to patients, but also in how we educate and inspire the next generation of innovators.

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Educational Partners

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STEM Education Opportunities For High School Students

ULP’s engaging and interactive high school programs inspire students towards a future in STEM while equipping them with the vital hands-on research experience not learned in a traditional classroom. An experiential life science laboratory experience will allow students to:

  • Learn cutting-edge life science research techniques
  • Gain knowledge about emerging life science careers
  • Utilize and further develop vital critical thinking skills
Stem Opportunities for High School Students

Biotech Courses For College Students

ULP’s college courses offer the next step in your educational journey by providing meaningful skill development in a hands-on laboratory setting. Students will be given the unique opportunity to work alongside leading industry professionals who provide mentorship and career advisory through a wide variety of classes, internships, fellowship, and summer research experiences.

Life science education experiences will provide college students with:

  • A chance to work alongside industry professionals
  • Opportunities to learn cutting-edge life science research techniques
  • Gain a competitive advantage when entering the workforce
STEM Opportunities for College Students
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Life Science Programs For Professionals

Recent graduates and professionals can engage in hands-on laboratory experiences, internships, and fellowship opportunities that offer the next step in building a resume and taking their skills to the next level.

ULP’s STEM courses give life science professionals an opportunity to:

  • Move up in the STEM workforce
  • Bolster their resumes with relevant credentials
  • Gain insightful industry experience
Life Science Opportunities for Professionals

STEM Opportunities For Educators

Educators should receive the necessary training, resources, and support to revolutionize STEM education, enabling students to engage in meaningful, relevant, and transformative learning experiences. ULP’s wide range of life science educational offerings can help drive educators toward these goals and empower the next generation of scientists by:

  • Creating exploratory STEM learning opportunities
  • Encouraging critical thinking in research exercises
  • Developing an immersive life science curriculum for incoming students
STEM Opportunities for Educators
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