Creating a Life Science Startup 2/4: The Market

How to understand market opportunity and competition in terms that investors use, such as: differentiation and defensibility, TAM/SAM/SOM, and go-to-market strategy.

In today’s business climate, investors are focused on funding life science startups that will be able to gain traction quickly and provide a solid ROI. What are the key elements investors are looking for now and how can you implement them in your business?

Join us for this 4-part series designed to take you through the fundamentals of creating a life science startup that meets investor’s criteria. We will cover the key elements to help you tell your story and attract funding.

June 20 - Executive Team and Advisory Boards
What do investors look for in a team? What should you focus on when putting together an advisory board to reassure investors and help the company? And what are your best strategies around compensation and equity?

June 27 - Financial Projections & Structuring Cap Tables
We will cover valuation, accounting basics, drivers for financial projections, and create a template slide you can use for investor pitches.




Event Speaker

Aaron Call

Aaron Call

Founding Principal

Aaron has spent his entire career aligning emerging medical technologies to newmarkets. As a biomedical engineer he brings an analytical mindset towards thedevelopment of product strategies that have produced a 110% improvement in marketsuccess compared to existing methods. Aaron has contributed to the alignment ofMedTech products to new markets for more than 20 companies resulting in over $100Min revenue and $783M in enterprise value. He has learned first-hand that projects areonly successful when you truly understand the needs of the customer and has writtenthe book on market validation about how to discover and evaluate market opportunities.As Founding Partner at Jaunt, Aaron continues his passion for strategy, investment andcommercialization by combining intelligence and experience to help MedTech leadersdevelop strategies that win.

Event Partner

Suncoast Ventures (2)


Suncoast was created by a passionate group of talented engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs who envisioned a new possibility for a true Next Generation VC Firm specifically designed for the next generation healthcare startup. By creating our own model, Suncoast is an entirely fresh approach to early stage healthcare ventures.

We believe in high performance and high impact. Creating a better world by leveraging our expertise, our networks, and our unwavering belief in a better future. We wrote the original manifesto that eventually became Suncoast on a napkin in a park back in July 2021.

The rest is history in the making.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2023

09:00 AM - 10:00 AM

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July 24, 2024
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OC LIFe: Opportunities in Pediatric Research, Medical Device Development and Innovation

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OC LIFe: Opportunities in Pediatric Research, Medical Device Development and Innovation

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