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Hareem Maune received her PhD in Applied Physics from Caltech and later obtained training in business fundamentals through a Micro-MBA program at IBM and an Ignite Certification from Stanford Business School. Her pioneering graduate work within DNA nanotechnology and multidisciplinary research background led to a Research Staff position at IBM’s premiere Almaden Research Center. At IBM Research, she established her own research program to address material development and integration challenges for biomedical applications as well as next generation electronics. Over last couple of years, as an entrepreneur, she has been actively engaged in supporting translation of emerging technologies into products that massively benefit society.
Hareem has extensive experience in leading R&D programs within corporate and academic research environments. Over the past decade, she has developed technologies to address device challenges at sub 10nm transistor technology node and investigated molecular interfaces to guide biomaterial development for therapeutic, diagnostic, and medical device platforms. She has authored numerous scientific papers, patents, and government grants. During her tenure at IBM research, she led interdisciplinary teams of scientists, trained several postdoctoral and graduate students, and supported joint development ventures. Recently Hareem founded Tyrol Traverse, a small accelerator program for biotech startups, and Gordian Technology Advisors, a technical consulting group. Her Tyrol Traverse mission evolved into supporting a much larger open innovation platform, University Lab Partners. She is working towards a vision of turning Orange County, CA into a hub for biomedical innovation by leveraging the regional expertise from research institutes, health centers, and corporate partners.