University Lab Partners FAQ

How can I take a tour of ULP?

Tours can be scheduled through the "Book A Tour" link on the Homepage. Tours are also available during our monthly OC LIFe events. Please visit Events on our website for dates and additional information.

Can I rent office space only?

ULP provides wet-lab benches and private lab suites with the option to add on office space.

What types of companies are incubating at ULP?

At this time, ULP's community consists of therapeautic, diagnotic, drug discovery, and medical device start-ups. As our community is growing, this is ever evolving.

As a member of ULP, do I have access to all shared equipment?

ULP residents have access to ALL shared resources (i.e. fabrication, microscopy, analytical, cold storage, tissue culture) at no additional cost.

What types of cold storage does ULP provide?

ULP provides dedicated -80, -20, 4 degrees storage, and access to cryogenics.

What is the minimum lease term?

ULP offers a minimum 6 month lease term.

Can we renovate the private lab suites to fit our specific needs?

Modifications to private lab suites must be pre-approved by ULP and performed by ULP-approved contractors. The company is responsible for all incurred costs.

Do you have a vivarium on site?

ULP does not have a vivarium, nor allow live animal studies at our facilities. We do have partnerships with local CROs.

Can I rent a bench for a day or a few weeks?

ULP does not rent benches on a daily or weekly basis. The minimum lease term is 6 months.

Can I bring in my own equipment?

You can bring your equipment with ULP approval.

Is ULP part of UCI?

ULP is an independent, non-profit incubator supported by the Beall Family Foundation. There are no IP or equity claims for companies incubating at ULP. ULP has a close partnership with UCI and is physically located in the same building as UCI Beall Applied Innovation.

Do I pay for waste removal?

Biohazardous, chemical, and pathological waste removal are included in the monthly rental fee. Excessive generation of regulated, medical, and chemical waste will incur additional fees.

How many people can work at a cubicle? At an office?

A standard cubicle can accommodate 1 person and a standard office can accommodate 2 persons. Non standard cubicles can accommodate 2 persons and non standard offices can accommodates up to 4 persons.

What is the size of the wet-lab bench?

Dedicated wet lab benches are standard 6' lab benches with shelves.

Technical FAQ

What type of internet will be provided?

Internet will be 500x500Meg with a 100x20 Meg backup. This circuit can be upgraded to 1Gig if needed.

Does ULP provide wireless internet?

Wireless internet will be provided.

What speed are the wired ethernet connections?

All wired ethernet jacks will be 1G.

Can I get my own static IP?

Static IP’s can be provided on the Local Area network with no issue.

What type of security will the facility's connection have?

Next Generation Firewalls will be deployed with High Availability.

What type of printers will be used?

Kyocera CS-6053ci | 60 ppm COLOR Multifunctional Copier

What meeting room amenities will be available?

ULP has multiple conference rooms with teleconferencing capabilities and huddle areas for informal gatherings.

University Lab Partners

ULP is dedicated to creating a culture of innovation by providing resources and building the necessary network to facilitate the path from idea to research and intellectual property development to commercially viable enterprises and domestically manufactured products.